Align with the health

that is your birthright



Food is Medicine

Here is the great news: We determine the future of our own health by the food decisions we make each and every day…



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Health is our most valuable asset. There is little we can accomplish in this life, or even care to, without our health.

Healing Services

Private Consulting

Private consulting is strategically focused on three fundamental variables, reduction of toxicity, input of the right raw materials, and increasing voltage.  As a result, pathology begins to abate while health takes center stage.

One-on-One Workshops

Bring Angela into your home or community for personal workshops designed to assist you in engaging new habits, increasing confidence and learning to create optimal health for you and your family.

Energy Therapy

Harnessing the innate wisdom of your mind, body and soul to proactively and non-invasively take the reigns on our health.

Group Workshops

Join Angela for traditional food preparation workshops designed to teach YOU how to use food to restore and maximize your family’s health. Be empowered with the knowledge for practical application.

Free Initial Consultation

Preferred Method of Contact

Phone is my preferred method of contact. As I am often in session, please leave a detailed message if I do not answer.



We are on the verge of a great awakening that can only come from empowered individuals.

I found after restoring my own health and learning to infuse health into my family, that there are bigger challenges to face.

Through awareness and purposeful action, we can

lift the thumb of the industrial machine by restoring our food supply, our environment, and

by inexpensively healing and preventing the conditions that would conventionally have driven us into poverty.


"The responsibility for the well-being of an individuals' own body must be returned to the individual."

- Hans Nieper

Angela PerryYour Holistic Health Coach

My education and experience has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, nutrition therapy, traditional foods  health coaching, preventive health and health recovery. Drawing on  these skill-sets, my passion and my knowledge of the vast dietary  theories, the services I provide support clients and provide them the tools that produce tangible and sustainable results...

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Client TestimonialWhat Clients are Saying

Angela,  I find you so interesting, encouraging & helpful!  I trust your knowledge more than any other practitioner I have ever encountered. No one, including doctors, has helped my family more than you have.  I'm so thankful to have found you!

I would describe Coach Angela as super supportive and loving. Angela is one of the most positive people I have ever met. She has given me so much hope for the future...

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