When I reached out to Angela my entire family was experiencing numerous health issues revolving around leaky gut and systemic candida overgrowth. We had visited several practitioners and conventional treatments were not effective. The more I researched these issues, the more I realized that conventional practitioners did not completely understand how to support my family’s wellness holistically and assist in the recovery process. My babies were experiencing multiple food and environmental allergies contributing to acid reflux and periodic respiratory wheezing. And I was experiencing chronic fatigue, thrush and digestive problems. I was exhausted and felt hopeless.


I set out to find healing for my family on my own and found myself drowning in the overwhelming amount of information out there. I was learning that everything I thought I knew about nutrition wrong. In an attempt to weed through this information, I sought the help of 3 nutritionists. Again, I none could address my specific concerns.


FINALLY, a friend introduced me to Angela. She specialized in healing the body through nutrition and had success treating families with similar issue my family was struggling with. She understood the nutrition concepts I had been researching and could address them specifically. She helped me simplify what seemed to be complex food preparation and helped me develop a sustainable rhythm in the kitchen. Angela’s enthusiasm and energy was contagious. Finally, I was excited to begin our healing journey.


Life. That is what my family gained while working with Angela. My kitchen came alive with activity and with living foods. My children and I came alive as our energy and confidence levels began to rise.  We are still on our healing journey, but my family is incredibly blessed to have the support of such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic advocate who understands our bodies, how they are designed to work and interact with food and the environment and everything she does is seasoned with love.


--Leslie, Wife and Mother of Two