I have known Angela since March of 2019.  I was referred to her from a friend who spoke highly of her.  I was informed of the multitude of success stories she had with helping people create health.  I made an appt as soon as possible.  Since then we have met on multiple occasions.  Each time we meet I was impressed with her proficiency and adept knowledge of the body.  She has a clear understanding of the inner workings of the immune system, organs and how the disease process occurs.  This insight allows her to hone in on the nutritional and supplement support for the body to heal on its own.  When the body has what it needs its own innate intelligence to heal, it will thrive in this state.  I have had great relief physically from medical issues that have caused me years of pain.


I have worked in medicine most of my life.  I was at a hospital here in Reno for 20 years, 17 of those in surgery.  I have been deeply involved in Western medicine and worked directly with some world renown trendsetting surgeons, as well as nationally and locally sought after surgeons.  I have also worked alongside medical doctors from Stanford, Davis, Berkeley, USC, John Hopkins and other highly respected institutions of medicine.  I have been directly involved in thousands of cases. I have had the privilege to work with and receive knowledge from the greatest medical minds in our community.  However the typical Western medical mind is not schooled in nutrition.  They are also not schooled in other aspects that help the body heal.  These concepts may seem “foreign” or “weird” but that is simply because those in Western medicine believe that their education and way of healing is THE only way.  It is fascinating to me that Eastern (Chinese and Indian) medicine has been practiced for 10,000 years.  Western (Greek and Roman) medicine has been practiced for 3,000 years.  This is why I sought out Angela.  I have been able to learn and heal from both areas of focus.  Angela is highly intelligent and gifted in what she does.  I should know for I have worked with great minds.  The community has lost a great healer in her move to Texas.  Luckily I can still work with her and receive guidance via phone and zoom.


Shelly M Wuest