Here is a short summary of my dad's situation:


My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June.  He went through radiation treatments from August until October.  His doctor tested his PSA in November and it was 9.64 which is very high and shows presence of cancer tumor(s). My dad was in excruciating pain and had lost 28 pounds due to the cancer. The doctor could only give him pain meds and suggested drinking meal replacements other than giving him a shot to stop testosterone production.


Shortly after Thanksgiving, I was given the name of Angela Perry to contact for hemp oil to see if it would help.   After a little over one month, my dad went  to his doctor to get his PSA rechecked.  It went from a 9.64 to 0.7!! 


Since using hemp oil (and a prostate supplement) my dad has said he has minimal pain, food tastes good again and he WANTS to eat!  He has been dancing again with his wife and having energy to get out of the house regularly!  He has gained back 12 pounds of the 28 lost! 


This stuff is amazing!!

-- A Loving Daughter