Tennant Biomodulator

Tennant Biomodulator

Cells in the human body are designed to run at -20 millivolts (pH 7.35) to -25 millivolts (pH 7.4).We heal by making new cells. Making new cells requires -50 millivolts. We get sick when our voltage drops below the operating voltage of -20 millivolts.

Chronic disease and pain are always associated with low raw materials, too much toxicity and low voltage. To increase the voltage back to normal promoting healing and pain elimination, the voltage of the cells must increase. One way to achieve this is my using the Tennant Biomodulator®

Placing an electrode over an acupuncture point on the perineural nervous system transfers electrons to the attached organ, as the device creates the necessary frequency to match each organ.

The Biotransducer® uses a combination of technologies including actuation, piezoelectricity, semi-conduction and modulation to create a field that will transmit the frequencies of the Tennant Biomodulator® past the skin and into the tissues more efficiently. The Biotransducer may be used over injured tissue, an acupuncture point or into difficult to access tissue such as the brain or retina.

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