Group Workshops

Group Health Workshops

Be empowered on all your family’s food and health decisions. Come gain knowledge, practical tips and life-changing insight from Angela Perry and maximize you and your family’s health. Angela Perry, MS Health, CHHC, AADP, QRA is a Certified Holistic Health Practioner helping to heal and revitalize your health!

Hands-On Sourdough Workshop
Learn the Art and Science of Proper Preparation of Grains including making true Sourdough

Leave with 2-year aged starter, homemade sourdough biscuits, and the inspiration and knowledge to duplicate the process at home.

Space is limited to 3 clients

$60 per person

Fido Fermentation and Kombucha
Gain Wisdom that will Benefit your Entire Microbiome!

Includes Group Discussion and Hands-On Workshop, One SCOBY, One Fido Jar, One Half-Gallon Kombucha Jar and all the fixings, support and comraderie to get Fermenting!

Space limited to 10 clients

$50 per person

Healing our Children
Gain Insight Into Providing our Children with the Tools for a Vibrant Life!

Includes Presentation, Group Discussion and Samples of Traditional Healing Foods to Support the Daily Needs of our Growing and Healing Children.

Space limited to 15 clients

$30 per person

Home Remediation Workshop
Allow your Home to Resonate with the Earth’s Natural Frequencies

Vastu Home Harmonization includes How to Ground the Inside and Outside of your Home for Maximum Beneficial Geomagnetic Resonance.

Space limited to 5 clients

$50 per person

Back to School Vaccine Discussion
Gain Empowerment on Important Topics Regarding Safety, Efficacy and Energetics of Vaccines

Includes Presentation, Group Discussion and Peer Reviewed Academic Journal Articles to prime you for productive discussion with those you love.

Space limited to 10 clients

$20 per person


You hold all the power, I am here to help you unlock it.

All workshop spots reserved on a first come, first serve basis via Contact Angela for information on upcoming events.

Once your spot is saved via return email, you can secure your spot via your preferred method of payment including Paypal, GoogleWallet, Sure Pay, cash or check. Credit Cards can be linked to Paypal.

Children of all ages are welcome to the workshops to either observe or PLAY! Supportive care for children will be provided. Please connect with Angela for specifics.