Why Food is Medicine

Bacteria is the Foundation of All Life

Food is medicie

“No pharmaceutical approach can come anywhere close to a dietary prescription for managing your intestinal bacteria”
David Perlmutter, MD

It is well known that bacteria is the foundation of all life on Earth.  Quite frankly, nothing living can exist without bacteria.

Our own living body is colonized by organisms that outnumber our own cells by a factor of 10, resulting in over 10,000 species of microbes!  So for every human gene, there are 360 microbial ones.  And each microbe contains its own DNA.  Although that microbial DNA is separate from our own, it literally becomes US as these vast microbes occupy extraordinary functions throughout our bodies.

“The expression of our genes in each and every cell is influenced by these bacteria and organisms that live within us.’’
David Perlmutter, MD


So let’s zoom in on the gut.    The gut is the home of a vast majority of the body’s microbes.  And what we eat determines the balance of pathogenic microbes versus beneficial microbes.  A healthy gut has more good guys than bad, and can keep the bad guys in check.

According to leading researchers in epigenetics, hands down the most significant factor related to the health and diversity of the microbiome is the food we eat.  Food matters, and trumps other circumstances in our life that we may not entirely be able to control.

A dysfunctional microbiome, with an overabundance of pathogenic flora, is at the root of all inflammatory or degenerative conditions, as the state of your microbiome determines whether or not your body is fanning the flames of inflammation or crushing them.  An overload of pathogenic flora is at the root of your headaches, anxiety, inability to focus, or challenging outlook on life.  We owe our modern plagues from obesity to alzheimers to our sick and dysfunctional microbiome.

Scientific research shows us that up to 90% of all known human illness can be traced back to an unhealthy gut.  This makes sense as no other system is more sensitive to gut bacteria than the central nervous system, which controls literally every function of our body.

So with that, here is the great news:  We determine our own destiny by the food decisions we make each and every day… by inviting the right balance of microbes to inhabit our gut, and therefore our entire microbiome.

Regardless of your current circumstance, more great news is that the microbiome is beautifully receptive to rehabilitation.  Join the countless people, including me, that have gone from having a poor quality of life to getting a second chance.

Although we have access to the best nutrition in the world, our diets continue to be overrun by the big business of processed foods, refined sugars and inflammatory vegetable fats.

Be part of the revolution in taking back your birthright of vibrant health.  Let’s work together to love-up your body’s inner ecology. Nothing but a stronger, healthier brighter future is waiting for you.

What Do Bacteria Do?

Support your digestion and the absorption of nutrients

Create a physical barrier against pathogenic flora including viruses, parasites, harmful bacteria

Act as a detoxification machine- prevents infections; can actually be viewed as a second liver because they neutralize toxins in food

Profoundly influence the immune system’s response- the gut is the biggest immune system organ. Bacteria educate and support the immune cells.

Produce and release enzymes including vitamins and neurotransmitters

Help you handle stress through the flora’s effects on your endocrine and hormonal systems

Assist you in getting a good night’s sleep

Help control the body’s inflammatory pathways, which effects your risk for all chronic disease


Ancestral Wisdom + Modern Science = Vibrant Health

Gain the confidence and competence to use food to restore and maximize your family’s health.