Your Holistic Health Coach

Your Holistic Health Coach

Angela Be, BBA, MS Health, CHHC, QRA

Angela is a survivor, thriver and life optimizer whose divine assignment is to guide her clients into integrated, embodied and empowered leaders expressing the highest version of themselves.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach, Business Coach and a Quantum Resonance energetics practitioner, Angela utilizes a customized multidisciplinary approach to equip her clients with the tools they need to increase their self-worth, embody their truest essence, and elevate their net worth.

Angela works with clients all around the world on her online programs, group coaching and 1:1 coaching engagements.  Angela has a unique approach to her coaching and consulting as she blends Energy Medicine, quantum physics, targeted nutrition, heart-led entrepreneurship, spirtuality and primal movement medicine.  She has had extensive personal experience with conventional, integrative, functional aspects of Western medicine as well as Eastern Medicine.

Angela has an unmatched ability to deeply see and innerstand the people she works with, and as such, is able to mirror back their brilliance and guide them toward their highest path.

Angela is on a mission to support medical and health freedom and personal empowerment.  Angela’s philosophy is that we are here to clear physical, emotional, and spiritual interference and be present with our divinity to irreverently step into the abundance of who we are and share it with the world.

Angela thrives in San Antonio with her beloved life partner, Andy, her lively daughters Joanna (12) and Jude (8)  and their dauchshund Augie (2). She is an avid foodie, outdoors and travel fanatic,and loves to bowspring, pickleball and mountain bike with her family.

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