Our goal for the Healing Foods Grocery Tour was to learn as much as we can, and Angela it was remarkable how much ground you covered in such a short period of time.  You helped us understand what to avoid, and most importantly what to expand on.  You listened and helped steer us toward better eating habits in such a kind and informative way.  I would describe you as pleasantly passionate.  Your positive energy and attitude was awesome!!!


I have implemented so much since our meeting and really have an added confidence in the choices I make for my family.  The conversations I have with my three-year old about healthy eating are precious, and I know I am providing her the gift of educated and informed eating habits that can be passed down.


One of the most tangible changes since our time together is our relationship with sugar. Understanding what is an acceptable amount of sugar for an adult and child (fruit included), and since speaking about the insulin response, I have new awareness, and I can actually feel it now when I eat sweets.


This kind of coaching as a young adult would have been invaluable and possibly corrected some less than desirable eating habits that have created health issues.  I highly recommend Angela's health coaching for any individual, but as a mother, I deeply feel the responsibility to teach good habits and model it.


--Sherrah, Mother of Two