Angela is amazingly quick at determining what was important for me and my body at each visit, and then made invaluable suggestions in ways to strengthen and heal my body.  After three months, I am a new ME.  I’ve been working with holistic health practitioners since college, and I have to say Angela is the best I’ve worked with by far.  She truly inspires in a delightfully enthusiastic way that makes you want to make changes in your life.


Tangible results include a cyst on my ovary that was there for years is now gone.  My colonoscopy that previously had polyps came back clean. I have experienced a renewed confidence in my own ability to heal and stay healthy.   I would describe Coach Angela as a gift, and as an inspired healer and coach.  Angela is also a natural as a presenter.  The classes I’ve been in with her are entertaining, highly educational, and hands on fun.  She’s delightful and shares from her heart.


Angela also came to both my home and my daughter’s home to ground [using Vastu techniques].  My daughter was inspired to call her best friend later that day – they had not been speaking in over five years – and renewed a deep friendship she thought would never come back to her.  I got inspired to rearrange my office (loved Angela’s suggestions) in a way I would never have thought of and my business has been incredibly successful since the shift.  Plus, I love the new ways my home looks and feels.  She could see things I was missing, and instantly shed light on what needed to be moved / let go of / changed.  All done quickly and easily.  It created major shifts for both of us.


--Lea Timmons, Dallas TX