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Eating Fermented Food: Making Kraut

In this video, Michale Chatham interviews Angela Perry about the fermentation of food and the benefits of eating fermented food, and she'll also show us how to easily make kraut at home! Angela Perry is a board certified holistic health practitioner and nutrition consultant at Health Empowered, LLC who loves working with the energy of food, and seeing how food can not only aid digestion, but can also help our mind, bodies, and souls.

How to Heal a Leaky Gut

In this video, Michale Chatham interviews Angela Perry about how to heal a leaky gut. Learn more about the protocol to take to promote gut health from a board-certified holistic health practitioner and nutrition consultant. From how to make your own bone broth, to the supplements you should add to your whole food diet, Angela will break down the top 5 things you should be doing to help heal your gut. Learn more by watching this video, and visit healthempowered.com to see all of Angela's services.

Energy flow and Voltage: The Roles They Play in Healing the Body

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk speaks with Angela Perry, an incredible holistic health practitioner. Angela focuses on nutrition and works with food as medicine, and also practices energy therapy. Learn more about energy flow and voltage and the roles they play in healing the body, and visit healthempowered.com to request a free consultation with Angela.