Ultimate Healing PKG

Ultimate Healing Package

Commit to the rhythm of long-term sustainable healing pathways!

We will strategically focus on two fundamental variables, reduction of toxicity and boosting of the immune system, in a manner personalized to the individual, that addresses the whole person. As a result, pathology begins to abate while health takes center stage.

Private In-Person at Moon Rabbit Wellness and  remote via Phone, Facetime, Zoom.


12  Comprehensive Sessions,  Build-Your-Own Healing Program


($100 per session, 90 Mins)

* Payment due in full at onset via Credit Card, Cash, Check, PayPal or Google Wallet.

Build your own 12 sessions of healing that serve you optimally.

Choose your sessions in advance, build as we go, or simply allow for the perfect blend of topics as you travel on your healing journey.

Your First Visit: What to Bring

Intake Session Includes:

> Complete Health History

> Voltage is Healing/ Food as Medicine Discussion

> Map of Physical Interference Fields

> Plan for Removal of Interference Fields

> Foods, Supplements and Prescriptions Testing*

> Demo of Tennant Biomodulator TM *

> Immediate Activation of Primary Detox Pathways via Custom Nutrients *

> Energetic Grounding via Optimal Frequencies *

> Chakra Harmonization *

> Optimal Food and Lifestyle Counseling

> Targeted Cleansing

> Customized Targeted Nutrient Plan

                * In-person only

Follow-up Sessions Include:

> Emotional Interference Release via Emotion Code TM

> Removal of Interference Fields via clay packs and free electron devices

> Activation and Coherance of all organs and systems

> Living and Ancestral Food Preparation (Sourdough, Ferments, Broth, Kombucha, Sprouting, etc)

> Pantry Makeover, Grocery Tour, Home Cooking Classes

> Learning to BE your OWN Doc

> Confidence and competence in sustainably creating the Health of your Dreams

    Healing Package Commitments Include:

1.  Personalized 90 min. Quantum Coaching Sessions spaced as needed (two per month recommended)

2.  Support as needed via email or text with 24- hour turnaround

3.  Cooking frameworks, recipes and shopping lists

4.  Access to All Energy Healing Tools at Health Empowered LLC

5.  Procurement of optimal foods and highest quality nutrients via local food sourcing

6.  Pivotal handouts, you will receive a binder to consolidate information and track your progress

7.  A safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment to engage you in making the changes you desire

8.  Preferred invitation to the comprehensive series of Quantum Healing Workshops

9.  Exclusive invitation to Health Empowered Client Facebook group

10.  My commitment to your long-term success.

You hold all the power, I am here to help you unlock it.