Grounding Session

Grounding Session

VASTU for home or office

60-90 Min   /     $150

Harmonize your home and create a healing sanctuary via the beneficial magnetic frequencies of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Allow all dirty electricity to be redirected away from the human biofield and into the Earth.

Enable grounding frequencies to connect with your field at all times whether outdoors or inside.

Connect your crown to the Heavens as cell phone tower and technological interference is negated.

Create optimal healing environment in every space of your home.

“Angela inspired me to rearrange my office in a way I would never have thought of…  my business has been incredibly successful since the shift.  Plus, I love the new ways my home looks and FEELS.”   - Lea

Witness the transformation immediately in your own biofield.

You hold all the power, I am here to help you unlock it.