Angela is amazingly quick at determining what was important for me and my body at each visit, and then made invaluable suggestions in ways to strengthen and heal my body.  After three months, I am a new ME.  I’ve been working with holistic health practitioners since college, and I have to say Angela is the best I’ve worked with by far.  She truly inspires in a delightfully enthusiastic way that makes you want to make changes in your life.


Tangible results include a cyst on my ovary that was there for years is now gone.  My colonoscopy that previously had polyps came back clean. I have experienced a renewed confidence in my own ability to heal and stay healthy.   I would describe Coach Angela as a gift, and as an inspired healer and coach.  Angela is also a natural as a presenter.  The classes I’ve been in with her are entertaining, highly educational, and hands on fun.  She’s delightful and shares from her heart.


Angela also came to both my home and my daughter’s home to ground [using Vastu techniques].  My daughter was inspired to call her best friend later that day – they had not been speaking in over five years – and renewed a deep friendship she thought would never come back to her.  I got inspired to rearrange my office (loved Angela’s suggestions) in a way I would never have thought of and my business has been incredibly successful since the shift.  Plus, I love the new ways my home looks and feels.  She could see things I was missing, and instantly shed light on what needed to be moved / let go of / changed.  All done quickly and easily.  It created major shifts for both of us.


--Lea Timmons, Dallas TX

Here is a short summary of my dad's situation:


My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June.  He went through radiation treatments from August until October.  His doctor tested his PSA in November and it was 9.64 which is very high and shows presence of cancer tumor(s). My dad was in excruciating pain and had lost 28 pounds due to the cancer. The doctor could only give him pain meds and suggested drinking meal replacements other than giving him a shot to stop testosterone production.


Shortly after Thanksgiving, I was given the name of Angela Perry to contact for hemp oil to see if it would help.   After a little over one month, my dad went  to his doctor to get his PSA rechecked.  It went from a 9.64 to 0.7!! 


Since using hemp oil (and a prostate supplement) my dad has said he has minimal pain, food tastes good again and he WANTS to eat!  He has been dancing again with his wife and having energy to get out of the house regularly!  He has gained back 12 pounds of the 28 lost! 


This stuff is amazing!!

-- A Loving Daughter

"Angela Perry is amazing!  For years both my son and I have been dealing with digestive issues, including food allergies and absorption issues, as well as seasonal allergies and fatigue. 


We had been to countless doctors (pediatricians, family practitioners, gastroenterologists, etc.), and no one was able to help us.  We extensively researched the issues and were finding that we knew far more about these issues than even the conventional health professionals. 


The first person we came across who was actually able to help was Angela Perry.   Angela knows far more about how nutrition, diet, and lifestyle affect one’s health more than anyone else (doctor or otherwise) I have come across, and she was able to help us in ways that no doctor was able to. 


Within several weeks, both my son and I were doing much better due to Angela’s advice on nutrition and her recommendations for lifestyle changes.   Angela helped us to set specific goals for each member of our family and supported us in reaching those goals.  


What really separates Angela from any other health provider, aside from her vast knowledge and desire to stay on top of the latest research, is that she genuinely cares about her clients.  Her passion for nutrition and her clients means that she really listens to what you are going through and develops a specifically tailored health plan. Her enthusiasm and support were so helpful to us in reaching our goals and achieving a higher level of health.  


We all are so much healthier thanks to Angela.  I no longer need Thyroid medication, my son's allergies are so much better, our digestion is greatly improved, and we have so much more energy!  I am so grateful for Angela, I love watching all of my children thriving!  


I can’t recommend Angela highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their health, if you want additional information please don’t hesitate to contact me at bjc987987@hotmail.com." 


--Brenda, Mother of Three

You are an answer to our prayers for my son and for our family.


-- Michelle, Mother of Two