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As long as I can remember I have been passionate about food and hungry for life.  Growing up, I always understood proactive health to be our best medicine. With gratitude for the wonder drugs of nutrition and exercise, I followed conventional knowledge and advice.  I ate my vegetables, stayed active, and was happy.  I was certain I was on my way to being fit and healthy for decades to come.

Then out of the blue, my world shifted. At age 29, I found a lump in my breast and another in my underarm. My worst fear was a reality. Cancer. Middle stage. The most aggressive form. From the minute of the diagnosis, my healing journey was ON. My eyes were opened WIDE to how much there truly is to learn in this dynamic life... about the toxins we encounter on a daily basis...what an optimally functioning immune system really looks like… and that food is truly medicine.

We utilized integrative treatments to remove the tumors, which were only the symptoms of my disease.  I then followed with purposeful changes in my lifestyle, which have paid off tremendously in moving toward optimal health and consequently defeating the disease.

But life after a health opportunity is never the same... and in most ways, it is even BETTER.

It is my privilege to follow my heartbreak and align with others so they may take their respective health and wholeness BACK. It is my honor to help good people gain the information I wish I had known, information that should be more readily available, information that should be the first line of defense within our broken food and medical systems.  It is my pleasure to witness enlightened people flourish off a new level of vitality they never knew existed.

I earned a Masters in Health Education via the University of South Alabama where I studied nutrition, health, the body, the in's and out's of mainstream health, as well as the public and private interests involved.  I also learned how to specialize for different learners so a given individual may assimilate in the best way possible.

I completed my Health Coaching Certification via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC in August of 2014, which for me added a deeper level of exposure to the dynamism of the human body.

I became certified in Personalized Nutrition Therapy via Quantum Reflex Analysis in May of 2015 and have found this to be a pivotal tool in total healing.

My education and experience has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, nutrition therapy, traditional foods  health coaching, preventive health and health recovery. Drawing on  these skill-sets, my passion and my knowledge of the vast dietary  theories, the services I provide support clients and provide them the tools that produce tangible and sustainable results.

In years prior, I completed a BBA in Marketing via Texas A&M University leading to corporate roles in individual and group training, account management and group wellness.

I am currently office out of Moon Rabbit Wellness in Reno Nevada.  I also support clients locally in the Reno area, and clients from all over the map via phone, Skype, and FaceTime.

And most importantly, I am a proud wife to a devoted husband and mommy of two thriving daughters, all of whom I honor the privilege to squeeze HARD in gratitude for our health and happiness.

We have so much to do together to embrace new habits, avoid unnecessary and mostly preventable chronic disease, to heal the future for our children..... and to MAX OUT the gift that is this LIFE!!

Nothing gives me greater joy than witnessing YOU reach the radiant health that is your birthright.

I am excited to support you.My Family

With Gratitude and Love,


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Nothing gives me greater joy

than witnessing you reach the radiant health that is your birthright.

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